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About Us

Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V.

Due to the geographical location of the Netherlands, located on the one side at the end of the River Rhine with its tributaries and on the other side at the open sea, already for hundreds of years, goods have been imported and exported. Dutch cities such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Terneuzen/ Vlissingen act as an indispensable link between maritime and inland navigation. Raw materials are shipped in by sea and half-finished and end products are shipped off by sea. Inland shipping to and from many European countries plays an important part in the pre- and post-transport of goods. Especially goods like coal, ores, animal feeds, steel products, fertilizers and building materials are mainly transported by inland shipping.

In the last few decades, the transport of containers has increased strongly, and inland shipping also has an important role in this. Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. plays a two-part role. On the one hand, transport flows are outsourced to owners of private motor vessels. On the other hand, Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. exploits a shipping company with 30 barges and 8 pushers and a self-owned motor vessel supplemented with a varying amount of hired barges, pushers and motor vessels. Clients are producers and consumers of the already mentioned goods and often Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. is part of a transport chain in which the total package of supply, transhipment and transit is carried out. Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. loads and unloads the goods at the desired time. Sometimes a quick delivery at the unloading place is desirable and sometimes the opposite is the case where Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. acts as a temporary storage. The service runs 24 hours a day, day after day. Our skilled and motivated staff are available 24 hours a day to assist, if necessary.


Today, Van de Graaf en Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. is one of the largest players in the world of mass bulk goods in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany with its own fleet of 8 pushers, 1 motor vessel, 30 barges and 44 people with a permanent position, working at sea and at the office. The company carries out transport for large shippers in the Benelux. And therefore, it also has a large cargo package that is transported through private ship-owners, via the Freightment and Pushtow Navigation departments.