Van den Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. derives from a merger between the Amsterdamse Beheer en Beleggings Maatschappij J. H. van de Graaf B.V. and Rotterdamse W. L. Meeusen B.V. on January 1, 1994. It arose mainly from the idea that, with the elimination of the proportional freight distribution as of December 1, 1998 (at the close of the exchanges), there would be no more right for existence for two, relatively small, freight offices. So therefore, the idea was to "continue together" in the future. The objectives were clear: cooperation and greater growth, independently and/or with acquisitions. The logo of Van den Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. is a "safe water mark", which symbolizes "safe waters". Given the close of the shipping exchanges, we had to look for a new central location. This turned out to be, a new to be constructed site at the Boelewerf, in Ridderkerk next to the Nieuwe Maas river. The festive opening of this location was on October 17, 1997. On March 17, 1998, we acquired Willem van Driel's Stoomboot- en transportondernemingen N.V. of DSM that was established in 1888. This acquisition brought us 8 barges, an extra workforce and a great cargo load. Partly due to the extention of the cargo load, it was decided to purchase 12 new barges in September 1998. These barges arrived on two pontoons in Rotterdam on May 27, 2001 after 80 days of travel. In 2010 and 2011, the fleet was expanded with 9 new barges. These barges are built in Poland and are the so-called "Maasbakken".