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Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. is a reliable partner when it comes to intermediation between shippers and shipping-agents for the shipment of goods across Europe's inland waterways. For years, we have been carrying goods by water with our own pushers and deployment of private ships, for various clients, both nationally and abroad. We can offer you a transport guarantee because we can use both our own equipment and private vessels. In addition to this, the use of inland vessels has less of an impact on the environment is thus socially responsible.

Transport Acquisitions

Our company can take over your transport(s) and the associated risks of the fluctuating market. We will take care of your transport affairs so that you can focus on your area of expertise. You only need to formulate your logistic needs and concerns to our experienced team of charterers. These people are well-trained and experienced in inland navigation. In addition, they are always aware of the changes in the market and the associated tariffs, and are in daily contact with shippers at home and abroad. Depending on the batch size, the type of goods and the shipping area, we will carry out your transport by private motor vessels or by barges from our own fleet.

Private Individuals

Also as a private skipper/ owner you are at the right place at Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. We try to find the right load for you at the corresponding price. We can also offer your ship to various clients throughout Europe. Our role is that of an intermediary between the supplier and recipient, and vice versa.

Freight operations are managed by Stefan Vilters in Ridderkerk.

Freighting can be reached at:
Phone: +31 (0)180 487120
Email: bevrachtingen@vdgm.nl