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Due to the geographical location of the Netherlands, located on the one side at the end of the River Rhine with its tributaries and on the other side at the open sea, already for hundreds of years, goods have been imported and exported. Dutch cities such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Terneuzen/ Vlissingen act as an indispensable link between maritime and inland navigation. Raw materials are shipped in by sea and half-finished and end products are shipped off by sea. Inland shipping to and from many European countries plays an important part in the pre- and post-transport of goods. Especially goods like coal, ores, animal feeds, steel products, fertilizers and building materials are mainly transported by inland shipping.


Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. has its own Freighting department so that we can offer suitable ships with a cargo package with which we can meet our customer's needs.

Please enter the date and location of your ship so that we can find suitable cargo for your ship.

Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. complies with several quality markings for safety, environment and efficiency.

Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. carries almost all goods that are transportable by water. By using our own fleet and private motor vessels, we can transport almost all kinds of cargo and various volumes for you.

Transporting a project cargo is often a specialized and time-consuming task. In this respect, road transport is less suitable due to the size of the cargo and because obtaining the necessary permits is often an impossible task. By using water transport, oversized and heavy lift transports can be transported more efficiently, safer and less costly.


Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. owns one motor vessel.

Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. owns 30 barges in 5 different sizes.

Van de Graaf & Meeusen Rivertransport B.V. owns 8 pushers with different specifications.